About Artland Ltd

Artland was founded in 2014 and is one of the world leaders in development and marketing of ecological cotton yarns.

since it was founded, the comany has grown into an international yarn brand focoused on recycled cotton yarns.

Today, the company specializes in variety of macrame cords and ropes, high quality arm-knitting yarn and special eco-leather and mattalic cords.

The ecological cotton threads marketed by our company are made from recyled threads and fabrics with an emphasis on quality and minimal damage to natural resources.

We believe in keeping and protecting nature sources, and most of our products are produced from recycled cotton.

Using recycled cotton made the yarns cheaper and Artland yarns became very popular in the hand knitting community.

Knitters from all over the world use our products and create rugs, bags, baskets, beanbags, pillows etc.

Artland yarns products are not seasonal which means you can enjoy our variety even in the summer time.

Artland offers you different types of yarns like: T shirt yarn, Macrame 4 mm single twist, Eco-leather t-shirt yarn, Metallic yarn, Slices of premium T-shirt yarn and Maxi cotton tube yarn.

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