Terms of service

Dear customers,

You are asked to read the site's rules before making a purchase.

The use of the website and the purchase of products through the website constitutes your consent to accept the terms and conditions of the Artland website belonging to the Artland Art Materials Company Ltd. (hereinafter: "Artland") as detailed on this page.

Terms of use and purchase process

  • Placing an order and purchasing products through this website is permitted only for costumers over the age of 18.
  • Payment will be accepted by credit card or PayPal only.
  • New customers will be required to register and enter their personal details including email address and credit card details (or PayPal information). All credit card information is guaranteed by SSL technology and a valid SSL certificate displayed on the site
  • Entering all the details accurately is a precondition for the purchase to be made by the customer.
  • To prevent errors or delays in processing and shipping your order, please make sure to provide the correct details.
    Filing false personal details is a criminal offense under law and whoever does so, is subject to criminal and civil legal proceedings.

Artland Art Materials Ltd. reserves the right to change and update the prices of the products indicated on the website and the handling and shipping fees, provided that the customer will be charged according to the prices and conditions that appear on the website at the time of purchase.
In addition, the company is eligible to cancel a purchase of products whose prices (as stated on the website) have been mistakenly registered and do not reflect the market value of the product.

Artland Art Materials Ltd. maintains a large inventory of products in Israel and updates the inventory of the products displayed on the Artland website to ensure fast delivery, but it is possible that high demand for certain products will cause unexpected shortages. The customer will receive a motification about this via e-mail and will be given the option to accept his order in part or to cancel it in full at his choice.

Options for deliveries and their costs will be updated on the website.
The customer will confirm his consent to pay the shipping fees listed on the website and in the order form as presented to him at the time of purchase in the case of non-standard size packages.
In the event that the shipment is returned to the company due to incorrect details entered by the customer, the customer will be charged an additional fee for shipping and handling fees as specified in his order.

Supply date:
Artland aims to complete the delivery process as quickly as possible and to ship the order within 7 business days, at the most, from the date of payment confirmation by credit card (business days are considered Sunday-Thursday, excluding holidays in the state of Israel). However, unexpected delays of shipments can not be completely ruled out.

Returns Policy:
Artland's goal is to ensure its customers complete satisfaction with the products purchased on the Artland website. In case a product you received was defective at the time of receipt, or if there is any error in the delivery process, please send an email to: info@artland.co.il and we will replace your product.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products you received, you may return the products in their original package and in the same condition as you received them.
Order cancellation is possible within 14 days of receiving the shipment. Any returned product will be inspected and if found that the original package has been opened and has not been returned as new in its original packaging, the site may refuse to accept the product back.

For products that meet the return conditions, a cash credit will be given for the price of the product paid less a handling fee of 5% or 100 NIS, whichever is lower, according to the law.
Shipping fees paid by us to a third party will not be refunded in this case.

To ensure proper return of the products and receipt of the appropriate credit, costumers are required to send the products by registered mail or courier with means of tracking shipments and with the invoice you received. And in addition, to send an e-mail to info@artland.co.il and notify of the return of the products with the indication of the delivery certificate number.

Privacy and information security:
The Artland website has a reputation for reliability, fairness and a high level of services. We do our best to protect you and accordingly the clearing company uses the most advanced security measures on the Internet including the use of SSL technology.

The credit card clearing on the site is done through a target company that clears the PCI / DSS standard as a company that provides services (Service Provider) at the highest level - Level 1. The customer's credit card information is not stored in any way on the site servers and Artland Art Materials Ltd.

Artland uses Target Clearing Company approved by the credit company to maintain and ensure your information and privacy. You hereby declare that you will not have any claim, demand and / or lawsuit against a creative hands company due to injuries, malfunctions and / or disruptions in this matter.

In addition, Artland hereby declares that it does not intend to make any misuse of your private information, and that it will only be used to place the order, complete the purchase process and the possibility in the future to inform customers via mobile number or email about promotions and news on the site. There will always be an option to drop off our mailing list.