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Artland is international yarn brand which focused one recycled hand knitting yarns since 2014.

We believe on trying and keeping the nature sources, there for, most of our products are produced from recycled cotton.

Using recycling cotton made the cotton yarn cheaper and Artland yarns became very popularity on hand knitting yarn community.

כל סוגי חוטי הסריגה במבצע
All types of knitting yarns on sale
All types of knitting yarns on sale

T-shirt yarns are made from the raw materials left in textile factories at the end of the production of the main products. So despite their name, they are actually made of many different fabrics and not just matric. In fact their range of shades and textures is just huge. Before starting to weave a rug or any other product from these yarns, it is important to start by locating a sufficient amount of yarns that match each other in thickness and shades.

For a lattice product of the expected quality, it is also important to match the correct crochet hook. Too small a crochet hook will result in an over-dense knit that is characterized by stiffness, which means that it will not be pleasant and soft to the touch. In contrast, choosing a crochet hook that is too large for the thickness of the yarn will create a perforated knit. This may be appropriate for items whose design intentionally contains knitting holes such as scarves and large scarves, but in other cases this is an unpleasant mishap.

In conclusion, it is advisable to start any knitting project by finding the right knitting yarns, whether it is T-shirt yarns for knitting rugs, cotton yarn, linen knitting yarns or any other yarn. If you are facing a particularly large knitting project, you can find wholesale knitting wool at discounted prices.

Huge selection of cotton knitting yarns

Artland is a company that imports and markets art materials, marketing a variety of art materials in Israel and around the world, with an emphasis on innovation, product quality and service.

Today, the company specializes in marketing a variety of yarns for knitting and handicrafts and is one of the world leaders in the development and marketing of ecological cotton yarns from the world of recycling.

Huge selection of cotton knitting yarns

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